Elyssa Pachico

Hola! Thanks for coming to my site. I’m a big believer in brevity, so here you’ll find a summary of my most relevant writing, editing, and communications experience.

(I go by she/her/ella pronouns)

I help mission-driven organizations expand their impact through innovative and results-oriented communications strategies.

I grew up in Cali, Colombia, and have been living in MedellĂ­n on and off since 2010.

I’m passionate about human rights, security policies, and writing that is fact-based, clear, and concise.

My Expertise:

  • Designing and implementing content strategies that allow organizations to maximize their visibility and impact

There’s little sense in frantically churning out newsletters, or social media posts, or any kind of communications product if there’s no “why” behind doing so. I guide teams towards getting the results that matter, by fusing the web data, audience analysis, and strategic thinking that’s needed for content that drives an organization’s mission forward.

  • Producing timely, accurate research and communications materials

I’m all about framing issues and synthesizing information in a way that results in the most compelling, accessible content possible. Whether it’s a deeply researched report or an op-ed or grant writing, I’m a prolific writer used to hitting tight deadlines.

  • Engage with diverse partners to tell stories more effectively

I’ve collaborated with investigative journalists, activists, digital strategists, and web and design teams, helping mission-driven organizations report the facts and engage their audiences.

What I’m Working on Right Now:

Since January 2021 I’ve been working as the acting vice president for communications at the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), a D.C.- based human rights group. I’ve been leading a team of four direct reports and collaborating with program experts, the fundraising team, and other human rights organizations in the Americas to expand WOLA’s impact and drive engagement with media, celebrities, and policymakers.